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Increase Profitability with Targeted Data Skill Training

Increase Efficiency, Lower Costs, and Become a Truly Data-Driven Organization

Data Skills Canvas v4

Data Centric Courses

We provide dozens of different variations on our core data literacy curriculum across all data competencies.

100% Customized

We match our curriculum and teachers to the specific roles and needs of your team, and customize it for your industry and company.

Expert Live Instructors

Our instructors deliver relevant material and work directly with your team to ensure skill acquisition and application.

ROI Focused

Everything we do is targeted so you get positive, tangible ROI. This is no-fluff training.

Data Skills Canvas v4

Discover Your Team’s Knowledge Gaps

Data skills are not one-size-fits-all. Understand the gaps so you can train each member of your team with the specific level they need across data literacy competency areas.

We will help you identify the gaps and the exact material and teachers that will help fill them in, giving you a well rounded, data-driven team and organization.

data competencies

Cover All Data Competencies with Our Curriculum and Learning Plans

Everyone on your team can benefit from data skills. We cover the six main competencies at various levels of depth, so each member of your team gets trained on exactly what they need.

Create a learning plan by leveraging our curriculum and teachers to train on

  • Data Pipelineing
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Storytelling
  • Analysis
  • Business Statistics
  • Decision Making
Learning Plans

Custom Learning Plans Built Based on What Your Team Needs, Specific to Your Business

Most people teach overly generic seminars, or unnecessarily dense jargon-filled courses.

You need no-fluff training to improve targeted data skills for specific roles on your team.

Our custom learning plans deliver the exact learning each role needs, helps them apply the new skills directly to their job, and even helps them solve their own business problems as they are working through the material.

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Client Testimonial: Genesis Healthcare

Client Testimonial: Knowledge City

“Data Crunch Corp is a top-notch place for training professionals in Computer Software.  We hired them for the Tableau Course and it was at the highest level. After completing the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced courses, we can say that our training quality for Tableau grew immensely.

The best asset while working with Data Crunch was the responsiveness and communication. Everything was completed before the deadline and if there were any corrections, they completed them without hesitation. I highly recommend Data Crunch for the highest level professional training you can find.”

-Tim A.
Content Developer

Client Testimonial: Five Star Painting