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Train your team, get your project done, or get long-term analytics support.

Our Process

The Data Crunch Difference


We work closely with you to produce results based on your current and changing priorities. Bring us on for a one time project, or to supplement your internal analytics team.


Time to value is critical for us. We'll find the fastest track to get to real business value for you, without burning time on things that don't matter.


Our proprietary, practical approach begins and ends with value. We identify specific cases where data can provide value, and then deliver on those use cases.

Hire All The Data Skills You Need In One Contract

  • Data Strategy: Executive level perspective on value creation, appropriate technologies, and possibilities/risks.
  • Project Management: Never worry about project management or not having the right skills to get a data project done right.
  • Technical Skills: Data engineering, data science, business analytics, data visualization, quality assurance, data pipelines, data storytelling, design, natural language processing, image processing, predictive forecasting and analytics.

Work Within Your Budget

  • Project by Project or Ongoing: Sometimes you need a major data project done, sometimes you don't need anything done, and sometimes you just have some small jobs. There are no fixed hours on our contracts, we work as needed to with your team to do large or small projects, only billing for the time spent.
  • Weekly/Monthly Budget: If you have a certain budget per week or month, we will cap the amount of hours we spend on your projects to keep you in budget.
Tableau Like a Pro

No Long Term Contract Obligations

  • No Cancellation Penalties: Our clients typically stay with us for a long time, so we don't feel the need to lock people into long contracts. Our job is to keep providing you with value, and we prove that month in and month out for as long as you need our services.
  • Only pay as needed: If you have a certain budget per week or month, we will cap the amount of hours we spend on your projects to keep you in budget.

Custom AI Applications For Any Business

AI can boost almost any business in unique and specific ways. Here are some examples.

Save the Rainforests
Decipher Patent Law
Drug and Materials Discovery
Promote Gym Attendance
Optimize Delivery Logistics
Make Corporate Travel Easier
Help Customers Find Perfect Outfits
Bloodless Blood Tests
Automate Web Analytics
Scan and Sort Trash for Recycling
Make Family History Easier
Detect Tuberculosis in Elephants
Assist in Disaster Recovery
Better Diabetes Management
Catch Pirates
Predict Roofs for Solar Panels
Save the Honeybees
Review Legal Documents
Monitor Horse Health
Reduce Test Taking Time
Predict Life Expectancy
Hire with Less Bias
Predict Hail Storms
Predict Good BBQ Weekends
Detect Cancer in Children

Data Visualizations to Manage Any Business

Samples of our data visualization work.

Join Thousands of Weekly Listeners to Our Data Crunch Podcast

Weekly interviews with some of the best minds in applying analytics and machine learning to solve business problems.

“This is a great podcast! It inspires a lot of great ideas I would like to use in my work and personal life. I look forward to each new episode. Keep up the good work!”

                             – Justin Hanig

“The content is interesting and informative, to the point that I sometimes take bullet point notes to use in explaining machine learning to clients.”

                             -JP Snype

“Data and the stories of individuals behind that data. This podcast is first-rate journalism and I feel is produced at the same quality as any NPR podcast (e.g. This American Life), but with more interesting content, especially for those that are interested in both the numbers and the phenomena represented by such numbers.”

                             -Jesse Houchens 

Core Data Science Curriculum

  • Onsite Training for your Team: We've been training teams at Fortune 1000 companies for over 3 years to give them the core data skills they need to contribute meaningfully to their organization. Go from zero to a fully capable data analyst.
  • Get the Full Curriculum or a Targeted Class: Our entire curriculum serves as a mini bootcamp to get data workers up to speed rapidly. Or if you have specific needs, purchases onsite courses a la carte

Core Data Science Training and Consulting Services.

Train your team, get your project done, or get long-term analytics support.

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