5 Steps to Finding Love with the Help of AI

By Natalie Daelemans

We’re all searching for love. What if artificial intelligence could help you meet that special someone?

Step 1. Put Your Best “Selfie” out There

Man taking a selfie

Online dating has become a popular platform for putting yourself out there and meeting new people. Your online dating profile is the first thing potential dates will come across, so you need to make sure you present the best version of you. But picking the perfect picture can be a challenge. And what if your selfie skills aren’t up to par? Never fear. Adobe Sensei can help. The tool uses machine learning to edit your selfies, making them appear top-notch. It allows you to adjust depth of field, make it look like you are farther from the camera than you actually are, blur the background, tilt your face angle, and copy and apply the style of other photographs to your own picture. With the help of your AI-edited selfies, your dating profile is sure to attract lots of attention.

Step 2. Find The Perfect Date

Girl looking at phone

Okay, so your dating profile is looking fantastic, and you’re getting tons of DMs from potential matches, but you also need to find someone who matches your type. But how to sort through hundreds of dating profiles to find the one? AI can help with that too! This app allows you to plug in a picture of someone you find attractive, (Chris Hemsworth, anyone?) and it will scan dating apps and websites to pull up pictures of people with similar features. Maybe your ex was just a bucket of drama, but that doesn’t mean he or she wasn’t fine to look at. Plug in his or her picture to see if they have a doppelganger who pops up.

Step 3. Dress to Impress

Couple standing facing each other

Yes! You’ve matched with your dream date and have plans to meet up and have dinner together. But what to wear? Lucky for you artificial intelligence is there to help pick the perfect outfit. Trendage is a style platform that makes fashion recommendations for apparel, accessories, and footwear based on user community feedback. It can help you create the perfect ensemble to impress your date.



Step 4. Maximize Your Makeup

Girl looking at herself in the mirror

You want to make sure you show up fresh-faced for your date. Good thing AI Kalanibot is there for you to offer friendly makeup tips. The chatbot is a digital version of Kalani Kiliker, a social media influencer and CoverGirl brand spokesperson. You can chat with the bot about anything you like, but if you ask her about makeup or beauty, she is more than happy to point you to online makeup tutorials and provide you with CoverGirl makeup coupons.


Step 5. Give Yourself a Confidence Boost

Guy leaning against a building smiling

This one could be a risk, but if you feel like you’re looking pretty fine and just want an added boost of confidence before you walk out the door, have this AI tell you how hot you are. Yes, it might tell you that you’re only a five. Or it could tell you you’re a 10 out of 10!





Couple holding hands in the shape of a heart

If you’re worried about the safety of meeting people online, this new dating app Hily is designed with safety and security in mind. It verifies users and can identify the riskiness of potential matches, steering you clear of anyone who seems a bit shady. It also uses algorithms that focus more on shared interests rather than physical appearance to pair you with a potential partner.



Finding love is ultimately up to you, but at least AI is there to help along the way!


About Natalie: Natalie is a communications major and English minor at Brigham Young University. She is a student account manager at the BYU AdLab and plans to continue working in advertising after her graduation in April. This blog post was written as part of the Applied Digital Communications Practicum.

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