A Word on LinkedIn for Your Marketing Analytics Job Hunt (Post 6)

A Word on LinkedIn for Your Marketing Analytics Job Hunt (Post 6)

LinkedIn is your de facto online resume. But it doesn’t replace your real resume. Rather, it is the faithful sidekick.
And as the sidekick, all of the same rules apply. Write a good resume, and LinkedIn is easy.

It becomes little more than a cut and paste exercise into the appropriate boxes.

Here is why it’s important – It’s guaranteed that your hiring manager will look you up on LinkedIn before you come in for the interview. This is your chance to greet them, show them you are a pleasure to work with, and that you can solve their problems.
So greet them with a nice, professional, smiling graphic of yourself. Wow them with the resume statements you copied and pasted (changing a few things here and there, just for fun).
As an aside, you should probably have a decent number of connections (anything over 70ish is fine) and at least a few of those silly endorsements at the bottom. Nothing big to worry about, but the absence of either of these may cause a little bit of pause for the hiring manager.

Next post we’ll look at how to use your blog to effectively get hired. Or feel free to get all of the information today in the ebook.