Intel and Ferrari teamed up to use AI to better understand car racing. On race day, a drone laden with a video camera that employs AI will fly high in the sky to capture footage. Then, in real time, AI will point out details of the race too subtle for the human eye. This will not only help sports commentators, but it will also help racers learn how to improve their lap times.

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AI is seemingly leaving few areas untouched, which includes areas you wouldn’t think you would want AI, like letting an AI take over the game on your gaming console while you sit back and watch. But there’s a lot going on in the gaming space with AI, and here’s a prime example—this guy trained his AI to dominate Super Mario.
See how he does it here:

Even though these venture capitalists poured time into developing their game plan before facing off a poker-playing AI, they lost devastatingly in a five-day battle. But in their defense, almost anyone would have lost against this formidable foe.

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With AI dominating AlphaGo gamers, chess champions, and poker players, it’s an interesting approach for this AI, called Forpheus, to remain focused on the human element of a sport (although, to be fair, this applied AI has played against ping-pong olympians, and lost). It can teach people how to better play ping pong, and it’s even nice about it. The only thing that’s unclear is . . . if the machine is for sale.
Here’s a heart-warming video of the company’s vision.

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