Here’s an AI dating app that rejects tampered photos, verifies users, and offers a “risk score.” One of the goals is to keep people safe while matching people on interests instead of solely on attractiveness. The more the user uses the app, the better the app will be at predicting the perfect match.

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Many people develop a “type” while they’re looking for their significant other, whether that’s healthy or not. What this AI aims to do is help you find your type more easily. Just put in a picture of someone you think is attractive, and it’ll find several doppelgangers from different dating sites. One other use case? Find a cheating spouse.

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This very controversial AI was created by researchers that claim it can identify sexual orientation simply from photos of faces, a claim that’s finding no criticism shortage. The people behind the creation, at least one of whom isn’t averse to controversy, trained it on lots of photos from a dating site.

Photo by Kaci Baum on Unsplash