Chinese Farmers Aim to Increase Pork Production with New Tech

Chinese farmers aim to use machine learning to manage their large swine farms. The tech is similar to, if not the same as, tech we’ve previously mentioned here, like the pig belt that saves piglets’ lives, the AI that detects chicken sicknesses, and the cow-identifying computer vision tool. But beyond using sound-triggered shocking belts to keep mommas from crushing their distressed piglets, identifying when animals are vocalizing their sicknesses, and tracking individual animals with computer vision, these swine farms will also assign some sort of health score to each pig by using data on a pig’s individual daily physical activity and temperature readings from infrared sensors.

What are the implications? Farmers, who have too many pigs to realistically keep track of, will have the help of computer vision to count new piglets on a daily basis and identify each pig’s physical activity. Machine learning algorithms will help save the lives of piglets being crushed and indicate the health of each individual pig.

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