Clinical-Grade Medical Testing Can Happen from Home with This AI

For some people, working with health insurance and healthcare providers to figure out billing post a doctor’s visit can be an impressively frustrating experience. If you’re one of those people and need to visit the doctor frequently for testing, ask yourself this, what if you could conduct some of your routine medical testing from home—with your very own smart device—and simply send your doctor the results? How would this change your life? That’s what this AI is hoping to help you do, conduct approved medical test from home.
It’s starting with urinalysis, a test that can give insights to people dealing with various health problems, like infections, chronic illnesses, and pregnancy-related complications. How it works is you take a picture of your sample and use it in conjunction with a dip stick to test for certain conditions. For some people, this tool will significantly reduce the number of doctor’s visits they need to make, and they can easily share the test results with the appropriate medical personnel. For everyone else, hopefully this tool soon expands to other offerings, bringing more relief to people experiencing healthcare red-tape fatigue.

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