FashionAI Used in Retail Settings to Boost Sales as Shoppers Find Tailored Outfits

At this point, it shouldn’t be surprising that brick-and-mortar retail stores are getting pinched as more and more shopping moves online. But using AI is one way these stores can regain lost sales.

Billions of dollars of fashion-merchandise revenue come through Alibaba’s websites every year, and with the massive amounts of data this traffic generates, Alibaba has developed FashionAI, a way these stores can use this data to make more sales.

So what does this artificial intelligence application do exactly? Alibaba recommends outfits to in-store users based on the store’s inventory, and it’s even tapped into the tastes of designers and fashion moguls that frequent Alibaba’s sites. It looks like this: you walk into a clothing store and pick up an eye-catching piece of clothing. As you near the changing room, a poster-sized screen nearby detects the article of clothing and recommends other articles of clothing that pair well with your current choice, helping you build the perfect outfit efficiently. Essentially, FashionAI just became your personal stylist.

Photo by Sabina Ciesielska on Unsplash