Sartorial Machine Learning Algorithm Helps You Find the Perfect Outfit

There’s a fashion game that crowdsources fashion sense from its community and then gives it to you: After community members rate which specific items (shoes with pants, pants with shirt, necklace with shirt) go with which other specific items, the app uses that information to create various outfit pairings. Then the community rates which of these outfits are the hottest, allowing everyone to see which styles work and which ones don’t. Machine learning also steps in to offer you ways to complete your outfit, basing its suggestions on data generated by your user community.

It’s not only helpful for you, it’s also helpful for retailers. They can see what trends are hot while the season is moving, instead of gathering outdated data in an industry that moves rapidly. Retailers don’t have to wait for actual inventory to move before they see what people like, and this can save them from buying a product that their customers won’t buy.

Photo by Mariya Georgieva on Unsplash