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Yawning baby

The genesis for this interactive baby-naming tool developed when an expectant couple couldn’t decide on a name for their soon-to-be-arriving little one. After looking through hundreds of names and dozens of categorized lists together, they knew they needed another method for naming their child. So the soon-to-be father built his wife a tool that used machine learning to generate entirely new names based on selections he and his wife madeā€”and so the tool was born, and hopefully it will help more than one set of expectant parents.

What if I’m not expecting a boy? Go here to find the girl baby namer.

Other AI Baby Products

Below are baby products that employ artificial intelligence in their designs. Out of the various baby products we’ve researched, these seem to have the best reviews, and maybe you’ll find them helpful as you search for helpful baby aids.

The first is the Cocoon Cam, a camera that monitors your baby’s breathing in addition to recording your baby’s activities. The second is the BlueSmart Mia, a smart baby feeding monitor that helps you track and analyze your baby’s feeding in real-time.

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