Talk to the air. Get insights about your business.

what is the sales forecast next year?
how close are we to meeting company KPIs this month?
how many attendees do we expect for all of our events in the southwest region?
what was the percent lift for our digital ad spend last quarter?

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How It Works

Our technology hooks Alexa up to your data and allows you get answers to your questions directly. No more sending constant emails to your analysts, waiting days for reports, and not having the answers you need to drive ROI for your business.

  • We hold a consultation with you to determine your most pressing business questions and inefficiencies in your business reporting.
  • If needed, we clean your data and apply new processes, procedures, and technology to ensure data insights will be accurate and updated automatically.
  • We build out insight repositories that are certified for accuracy. This works best using Tableau, but we can leverage other software as needed.
  • We use our technology to allow Alexa to understand these repositories and respond to your questions.
  • You have access to your data and insights by simply asking Alexa a question. Ask questions in your office as you think of them, and take Alexa to meetings to get answers to people’s questions in real time to guide critical conversations.
  • Alexa responds verbally with answers, or automatically controls your library of Tableau dashboard dynamically to bring you the view and insight that will answer your question.

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