Gentler on the eye

One of the most popular AI/ML news stories in the past two week was Nvidia’s use of deep learning to turn regular videos into slow-motion videos. Slowing down a video that wasn’t initially filmed as a slow-motion video creates a choppy and hard-to-watch sequence. With this new application, though, the system is able to predict what missing frames would look like between two existing frames and then create and place enough frames in the video to offer a smooth SloMo video. It’s mesmerizing. Watch it at work here:


What are my options?

You like trying new restaurant foods, but you don’t want to risk purchasing a dud dish. Now there’s a new tool out to help: Yelp’s new Popular Dishes machine learning tool has come out of pilot mode and is now available for every restaurant on its platform. It complies pictures and reviews of the most talked about restaurant dishes and showcases them in the carousel—although, keep in mind that the “most talked about dish” also includes negative reviews, since Yelp isn’t applying sentiment analysis. But the Yelp team believes the best dishes will still bubble to the top. Each picture on the carousel shows how many user comments mention the dish and how many times people have uploaded pictures of it. Watch one user’s journey here:


Total domination is the goal

Since you loved the post earlier this year about AI dominating Super Mario, we thought you might enjoy this near-viral news event: OpenAI’s bot has beaten skilled Dota 2 players, and Bill Gates called it a “huge milestone.” Now, if you don’t know what Dota 2 is (admittedly, some of our team didn’t), below is an excellent video that explains the accomplishment from start to finish. You can watch it here:


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