Our Top Three Picks

1. Translating Chicken Chatter

Humans translating wild and domestic animal languages is not a new idea—this researcher, alone in the jungle, realized by deciphering monkey sounds that a leopard was tracking him—but now there’s an AI that can help, at least with chicken linguistics. It successfully translates certain chicken sounds, with near-100-percent accuracy. So far, it can tell you when they’re saying they’re hot or stressed, and bonus, it can detect congestion in their voices, flagging when they’re getting sick. A Chicken Run escape may not work so well today.

2. Drugs, Drugs—Everywhere?

In the United States, there’s growing concern over opioidsOne company recently announced that it’s bringing insights to government and health workers through this tool, which analyses up-to-date national drug use statistics, down to the zip code. This aid seems much less Big Brother than this newly approved pill-popping tracker, but aims of the two creations are different, so our jury’s out on the later.

3. Disaster Empathy

There have been a lot of recent disasters (hurricanes, floods, fires, earthquakes), and many people have lived through these shocking experiences—some by incredible means. But if disasters happen far from you, do you feel for the people they’ve happened to? This AI hopes to help you feel empathy for people going through rough times by changing pictures of your hometown and places you know into images that resemble the devastation of natural disaster, or even war.


Unique of the Week

Taytay Goes Shakespearean

“I applied the translator to Taylor Swift’s recent song, ‘Look What You Made Me Do.’ The title translates to ‘What Thou Hast Made Me Do?’ which is in the antiquated Shakespearian style and faithfully retains the original meaning.”

Ludi Rehak, creator of AI Shakespeare Translator


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