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1. Never mind fake news—let’s talk fake multimedia

If you ate up this RadioLab episode like we did, you’ll get why this AI application—which convincingly changes videos taken in the winter to look like they were actually taken in the summer—adds to an ever-growing future-world of fake. Soon we’ll live in a place that has you questioning the veracity of every video and audio recording.

2.The mini-robot you didn’t know you’d find so adorable

Why does everyone love this little Cozmo AI robot so much? His personality is hard not to like, and we can thank an ex-Pixar employee for that. Parent company, Anki, knew what would make a robot endearing to adults and kids alike. And he’s even useful. He teaches kids how to code.

But this week’s update is about more. Cozmo can now teach how to use if statements, math operators, variables, function calls, and more. He dances when the lights go out, he’ll tell you a fortune when you shake him, and his blocks even act as your personal orchestra.

Also, he’s afraid of heights, as this video shows:

3. Over my dead body . . .

This AI application in Google Sheets, which now helps you more easily build pivot tables, is all the more interesting in light of the recent backlash to this Wall Street Journal article: “Stop Using Excel, Finance Chiefs Tell Staffs.” The journalist who wrote that article then published this article in response: “Finance Pros Say You’ll Have to Pry Excel out of Their Cold, Dead Hands.”

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