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My name is Brad Smith. I work for Genesis HealthCare as a procurement manager. My manager actually was conferring with our pharmaceutical consultant company. They actually introduced to him the whole concept of Tableau, and being unfamiliar with it as a company, we actually kind of looked into a little bit deeper and it looked like there was a lot of great analytical pieces and visualization pieces that we weren’t currently leveraging at Genesis.

So he wanted to have us kind of explore the application a little bit further and see what all the functionalities that it can do to benefit Genesis.

Why Data Crunch – Customization, Practical Application, and Culture

Why I chose Data Crunch was, the customization piece we thought was very, very beneficial just really kind of working with our own data sets and informatics, being able to conceptualize the data a little bit better, being that it’s our own data, and seeing what our data can do from a visualization perspective in Tableau. So that was a huge plus that Data Crunch provides that particular customization training opportunity.

On top of that, Ryan and his team were phenomenal with working with us, being able to really take the time to really understand our business model and what unique business algorithms that we use to conceptualize our data. I thought that was really beneficial that Data Crunch does those kind of capabilities, as well as just the rapport.

Data Crunch, the whole entire team was phenomenal, when I was working with them trying to get the training set up here, they were great to work with. They are very accommodating even during the training. It was a phenomenal experience.

The Tableau training really was beneficial, a lot of it was because we did receive that customization training so we were able to really kind of mimic the schema that we learned in training to other various datasets from other categories.

So our data set that we used during training was pharmaceutical related, however, we could easily transition that to the lab space, the X-ray space, whatever kind of spaces we need because we have that solid foundation.


Learning Tableau really cut down our Excel probably by at least half the time just being able to, represent all the different analytics within Tableau and then visualizing that in Tableau.

A lot of those visualizations, I personally would not know how to do in Excel. So that’s one of the huge benefits I found in Tableau is the visualization once you finish your analytics. Even within the pharmaceutical data set that we had, personally, I wouldn’t know how to do that in Excel just because with the data set that we were working with it was a lot of over-the-counter drugs and there was a huge set of it.

So in order to properly analyze this data and visualize those results in Excel, I personally wouldn’t know how to do that. So it was great that Tableau has all these great mapping tools and different graphs and charts that really depict the data very seamlessly.

So when we present that to upper management, they’re able to discern the information right away.

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