Category: Sales Analytics

Get a List of Companies Using Your Competitor’s Software

Knowing who is using your competitor’s software is extremely valuable. It gives you an idea of how strong of a foothold they have on the market. It gives you a list of specific companies that need your services. It tells you the talking points you need to win out over the competition. On a high …

Creating the Client Profitability Map

Making a client profitability map using a 2 x 2 matrix.

Competitive Intelligence in Washington DC to Increase Sales

Below is an interactive visualization of 2010 data from Washington D.C.  By using it, you can find: 1) What products/services agencies in the area are buying 2) Which agencies are buying 3) Who they are paying You can measure demand, identify potential customers, and find competitors, all in one easy visualization.  All of this information …

Using Analytics for Sales: Internal Data Highlights External Sales Opportunities

See an example of how you can use internal data and sales analytics to improve cross-sell opportunities, increase customer satisfaction, and improve future sales pitches.