Competitive Intelligence in Washington DC to Increase Sales

Competitive Intelligence in Washington DC to Increase Sales

Below is an interactive visualization of 2010 data from Washington D.C.  By using it, you can find:
1) What products/services agencies in the area are buying
2) Which agencies are buying
3) Who they are paying
You can measure demand, identify potential customers, and find competitors, all in one easy visualization.  All of this information will allow you to increase sales.

To use the interactive features:

Moving the slider bar, the graph will automatically filter to give you only the ranges of money spent you specify

By clicking on one or several of the services in the first graph, the second will automatically filter to show you only those agencies and suppliers that bought and sold in that specific category.

Let us know if this interactive visualization is helpful, and what else you’d like to see in the comments!


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  1. Ryan says:

    Great viz. Something like this would be supremely useful in targeting our biz dev efforts. Keep up the great work!

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