Confused People Don’t Act

Confused People Don’t Act

Let’s illustrate further the principles discussed in yesterday’s post. Sometimes it’s best to learn by example, so I’ve embedded two ads below. Take a look.


Although both of these commercials can be considered entertaining, one of them was effective and the other a failure. It’s easy to see why when you consider which one of them makes it easier for the viewer to incorporate the message into their lives.

In the first ad the viewer hears the name ‘Outpost.com’, and then see a pack of wolves attack a high school band. What is the viewer supposed to do with that? Apparently they weren’t sure, because Outpost.com is no longer in business.

The second ad gives the viewer a natural scenario (making a sandwich with peanut butter, and wanting milk with it) and then ends with the interrogative: got milk? Well, if the viewer doesn’t have milk, he or she needs to go get some. Easy and simple. And incidentally, the ‘Got Milk’ advertising campaign was one of the most successful in history.