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Using Data to Become More Profitable

We’ll help you explore and act on new ways to use your data to become more efficient and profitable.

Reporting Automation

Automate your data processes with a data pipeline buildout. We typically see ROI north of 100% for clients.

New Revenue Streams

Create or enhance a customer-facing product using data to increase sales, decrease churn, and open new lines of business.

Growth Insights

Get insights from your data you didn’t know about that will help you grow your business. You’ll likely want to take immediate action.

Cost Saving Insights

Many clients are losing money in ways they don’t even know about, even though it’s in their data. Take action on these insights and reduce your costs.

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Specific Consulting Project Areas

Better Sales Forecasts

For one client, our model predicted sales with an accuracy of +/- 8% by using 125 different statistical algorithms to predict the result.

  • 2% Increase in revenue
  • 3-5% Groth in margin
  • 10-25% reduction in excess inventory

Build Data Science Powered Software

Open up new revenue streams from you company by leveraging your data and building software your clients and customers can use and will pay for. Or, us the software internally to decrease costs and increase efficiency

  • New revenue streams
  • Lower costs
  • Higher efficiency

Reduce Reporting Time by Half

Reporting is a huge burden for many companies. Reports aren’t accurate, updating them is manual, and they aren’t insightful. We can fix all this for you.

  • Automated reports
  • Insightful reports
  • Significantly reduce reporting time and cost

Find Profitable Insights In Your Data

In almost every client we work with, we uncover insights that they never knew were there, and that drive them to take action instantly. These insights can

  • Reduce costs
  • Increase profits
  • Fuel growth

Retail Analytics

Retail is data-rich and there are a significant amount of insights you can glean from your data. We will bring our expertise in retail to help build dashboards and reports that help you

  • Have the right product mix
  • Have the right prices
  • Optimize your marketing

E-Commerce Analytics

Similar to retail, but with even more data, there are a significant amount of insights you can glean from your digital data in e-commerce. We will build dashboards and systems that help you

  • Increase conversions
  • Optimize your marketing mix
  • Decrease your costs

Mapping Analytics

Maps layered with time series, interactivity, and context, can show great insights and tell great stories. We can build maps based on data that will

  • Tell meaningful stories
  • Provide useful insights

Get Instant Insight from Quickbooks

Stop guessing and see how your decisions today will affect your business tomorrow. Model what-if scenarios so you can take the course of action that will maximize profit and minimize cost.

  • Save hours of time trying to get insight
  • Save tens of thousands of dollars from poor decision making
  • Connect Quickbooks to our Insight Engine for free

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Client Testimonial: Genesis Healthcare

Client Testimonial: Knowledge City

“Data Crunch Corp is a top-notch place for training professionals in Computer Software.  We hired them for the Tableau Course and it was at the highest level. After completing the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced courses, we can say that our training quality for Tableau grew immensely.

The best asset while working with Data Crunch was the responsiveness and communication. Everything was completed before the deadline and if there were any corrections, they completed them without hesitation. I highly recommend Data Crunch for the highest level professional training you can find.”

-Tim A.
Content Developer

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