Using Data to Become More Profitable

We’ll help you explore and act on new ways to use your data to become more efficient and profitable.

Reporting Automation

Automate your data processes with a data pipeline buildout. We typically see ROI north of 100% for clients.

New Revenue Streams

Create or enhance a customer-facing product using data to increase sales, decrease churn, and open new lines of business.

Growth Insights

Get insights from your data you didn’t know about that will help you grow your business. You’ll likely want to take immediate action.

Cost Saving Insights

Many clients are losing money in ways they don’t even know about, even though it’s in their data. Take action on these insights and reduce your costs.

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Specific Consulting Project Areas

Better Sales Forecasts

For one client, our model predicted sales with an accuracy of +/- 8% by using 125 different statistical algorithms to predict the result.

  • 2% Increase in revenue
  • 3-5% Groth in margin
  • 10-25% reduction in excess inventory