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What We Do

Data driven decisions surpass gut instinct on one condition: you have the right information at the moment the decision needs to be made.  Businesses need to be able to have important conversations and make decisions informed by data, at the moment the conversation is happening. We’ve been helping companies across a variety of industries for over a decade solve this problem, and we implement the following process:

  1. Integrating multiple disparate data sources into a single source of truth
  2. Applying the right visualizations to actually highlight insight and make recommendations
  3. Applying machine learning to identify key drivers, scale insights, and have reliable projections
  4. Using an Amazon Alexa device to ask for insights and recommendations at the moment they are needed

How We Work

  1. Assess your analytical maturity in terms of data cleanliness, insight, predictive analytics, automation and action.
  2. Work with you to develop a roadmap of what you need to be more effective and get more from your team.
  3. Develop some quick win milestones and achieve those to help you get immediate results.
  4. Implement a phased approach of the larger roadmap, using a task management system you have access to as well as regular check-ins from me.
  5. Develop a closed-loop system to show the results of actions taken to enable you to prove ROI and make even better decisions going forward.

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