To plan your first data analytics project plan, it is best to have a blueprint or guide. A good blueprint will help you see the big picture. It will keep you on track. Moreover, you will always know what to do next.

Data Analytics Project Plan

Data Analytic Project Plan

Since a data analytics project plan is by nature complex and time consuming, a blueprint is highly recommended. You need one if you are going to succeed in the field of analytics. Here is the thought process I go through for any project I am doing (or thinking about doing).

What is the strategic goal of the project?

In the first step of creating your data analytics project plan, you must know who will benefit in it and why. What is the end goal you are trying to achieve with it and why are you trying to solve it. Keeping a goal will help you not get side-tracked with lots of information.

What is the measure of success?

In order to measure success, you need to consider how things will be different when you succeed in your data analytics project plan. Once you know these success points, you need to think of different ways on how you can measure it. That way, even if the project is done, constant improvements can still be done.

Who (or what) will the output be designed for?

Business Analytics Implementation Plan

In building a data analytics project plan, you also need to know what information will be conveyed and to what end. How much information are you going to show or what are the most important ones that need to be there?

How will the output be designed?

It is good to have a draft on how the output will show so you can improve on it early on.

How will the output be delivered?

You also need to consider where you are going to get reliable information to show on the output. Where and how you are going to get them is up to you.

Detail the method of analysis?

Think of the best way to describe your method of analysis  in a way that the readers will understand.

How will it be done efficiently and automated?

After considering the best way to describe you way of data analysis, check the different ways and tools that will make your analysis effecient. Also, consider how often the analysis will happen.

Data Analytics Project

There you have it! Our data analytics project plan, summarized for you. We have used this business analytics implementation plan successfully in the past. We hope that you benefit on using it too! If you want to learn more about client-facing dashboard analytics and automation, be sure to check our services!