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White Gold

Eyes on the Pirates, Part 2

Pirates in folk stories and popular movies conjure up strong imagery: eye patches, Jolly Rogers, parrots, swashbuckling, scruffy voices that say “Aye, Matey.” But what do the lives of successful pirates look like today? And what’s being done to stop them from plundering and smuggling our ocean’s precious resources? World Wildlife Fund’s project Detect IT: Fish takes aim at these pirates and other illegal actors with this cutting-edge project that

Eyes on the Pirates, Part 1

The history books teach that slavery ended, but it still exists; it’s just morphed its form—different commodity, different location, but same abuses. The commodity is seafood. The location, Southeast Asia. The abuses, forced servitude with all its ugly associations. Some people make a substantial living off illegal, unregulated, and unreported (IUU) fishing, which fuels a dark underground. How is big data angling to stop it? Find out in our next
The Dawn of Data Science

The Curated History of Data Science, Part 1

Who were the people pushing the limits of their time and circumstances to bring us what we know today as data science? We examine what motivated them to do their important work and how they laid the foundations for our modern world where algorithms and analytics affect everything from communications to transportation to health care—to basically every aspect of our lives. This is their story. Transcript: Ginette: “She was obsessed

The Predictive Power of Waffles

When breakfast food takes on hurricanes, who wins? For another interesting take on the Waffle House Index, see this article the Fivethirtyeight blog, which they posted December 6, 2016. Curtis: “I love waffles. I fill up each of the little squares with the precise amount of syrup so that each bite is a perfect distribution of syrupy goodness.” Nathan: “I love owl-shaped waffles.” Tiffany: “The kind you get at a

I Had to Run

Imagine you have to leave your home immediately, and you have little time to grab anything to take with you. You don’t know where you are going—you just know you have to flee for your life. Many people face a similar situation—one in every 113 people on the earth, in fact. There are 65 million people living in a state of limbo, and they don’t know what’s going to happen

Introducing Our New Podcast—Data Crunch

For a long time, I’ve been looking for a podcast I could use to learn about interesting projects other data scientists were working on (along with other data science topics), a podcast I could easily listen to on my commute. But I could never find one. So I made one. The first episode, Take It Back, is an intriguing eleven-minute sound bite—perfect to listen to during your daily commute, in

Take It Back

What if one day, out of the blue, you find yourself sick—really sick—and no one knows what’s wrong. This is a podcast about a sleeper illness and what one team of data scientists led by Elaine Nsoesie is doing to reduce its reach. Sam Williamson: “It felt as if I were on some kind of hallucinogenic drug. I felt really, really hot. Really cold again. The room started spinning. I got