Whether you are a newbie needing lots of information in data science or an expert seeking constant updates in the field, a data science weekly newsletter is a great way to get updates. Let others do the internet scouring for you and simply sit back, relax, and wait for good reads on your inbox.

Data Science Weekly Newsletter

Here Are My Top Four Data Science Newsletters

If you have to go with just four, I would suggest the following:

Data Elixir

Data Elixir newsletters emails go out every Tuesdays to over thirty thousand subscribers. They send information about weekly data news, tools, techniques, insights, resources, and data visualizations.

O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence Newsletter

One way or another, you may have encountered or heard about O’Reilly Media. When it comes to data science newsletters, expect to get ten links every week from them. These links contain data science news, white papers, and tutorials. They also publish books about data science and I personally own some of them. Moreover, they publish online ebooks for web learners and host data science conferences for those interested to learn in person. They also offer other types of data science learning solutions for newbies and experts.

Center for Data Innovation

The weekly email newsletter you’ll get from the Center for Data Innovation covers topics exciting developments in data, technology, and public policy. If you want a weekly summary of the latest and most important data news, then you should subscribe to their newsletter. Aside from news, they also share original interviews with global experts, informative articles, most helpful books, dope data visualizations, and the most interesting data sets. 

Deep Learning Weekly

If you want to get the latest deep learning news, you need to subscribe to the Deep Learning Weekly data science newsletter. From academic papers to the grubby depth of the tech industry, you will get exciting news for free.

When Four Data Science Newsletters Don’t Cut It

If you really want to flood your inbox with a ton of data science information, here are 13 other newsletters I subscribe to that are good:

Data Science Weekly Newsletter We Write

We also write our own data science weekly newsletter focused on the various ways machine learning and AI are actually being applied in different industries. It’s bite-sized and non-technical, but aimed at opening your eyes to all the ways data is changing society, business, and people’s personal lives. From AI that helps people stop snoring to hologram anime home assistants, we try to cover it all.