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Financial Dashboards and Analytics Based on Your Business

If you don’t know your numbers, you’re leaving money on the table. Knowing your company’s key financial indicators is not a nice to have – it’s an absolute necessity. The more you understand your numbers and what’s driving them, the more you can ensure you’re producing profit and cash like a machine.

The Financial Visibility Problem

If you’ve ever worried about questions related to:

  • How to fund growth
  • When to give raises or bonuses and how much
  • Current cash flow and projected cash flow
  • Profitability and what you can to do be more profitable
  • How to quickly model different scenarios and see the impact on your business
  • Then you’ve come to the right place.

You need the right tools that allow you to see financial summaries as well as drill into transactional level detail. Interactive dashboards with built-in modeling tools enable you understand your financials and know what to do to improve results.


The Financial Insights Fix

In order to help you understand all the financial levers of your business and where all the dollars go and what actions you can take to drive profitable growth, you need the right dashboard. Like any good recipe, there are some ingredients and some steps that must be followed in order. They are:

  1. Get the right data out of the systems you use. 
    1. Ensure it’s clean, it matches up, and is structured in a way to drive reporting.
    2. Ensure data is automated and refreshes on a schedule.
  2. Build an interactive report to answer business questions. Answer:
    1. What happened?
    2. Why did it happen?
    3. What are the trends? Has this been happening for a while, how positive or negative is the trend?
    4. Will this continue to happen?
    5. What do we do about it?
    6. What impacts will we it have if we take certain actions?
  3. Schedule report to update and send to you at the time you need it. 
    1. You are busy and you need insights where you already spend your day – email, Slack, or the main systems you work in all day long.
    2. Insights not delivered at the moment they are needed are not insights at all.
  4. Make decisions based on updated data. Model what-if scenarios.  
    1. Have peace of mind knowing you’ve made smarter decisions.

Secret Sauce: Each of our dashboards combines visual and written text to ensure you get to action quickly, instead of wasting time analyzing and interpreting information

Specific Financial Dashboards Answer Specific Business Questions:

We can build these a la carte or as a package for you.

Revenue & Profit Dashboard

This dashboard package answers questions like:

  • How much revenue and profit have we made YTD?
    • Are we up or down vs. prior years?  Why are we up or down?  
    • Are there particular segments with growth or decline I should focus on?
  • How much revenue or profit will we have going forward? Can we grow?
    • Why are things going up or down?  Is our growth profitable?
    • How fast can we grow? How much money can I allocate to growth without hurting margins or cash too severely?
  • Is there any cannibalization occurring? Where and why?
    • Cannibalization is unprofitable areas that are eating up revenue and profits in other areas. Often these are hidden and take digging to find, but can help you fix leaky holes once identified.
  • What are my forecasted or predicted revenues and profits going forward?

Breakeven Analysis

  • What is our breakeven point?
  • What’s the breakdown of fixed vs. variable costs?
  • For every dollar we earn, what percent goes to variables costs (i.e. cost of sales or cost of goods sold)?
  • What’s our margin of safety? (i.e. the amount we have above and beyond our breakeven)
    • What can we do to improve our margin of safety? both in terms of what we make each month and cash on hand)?
  • How does our breakeven point compare vs. benchmarks or similar companies in our industry?

Cashflow Impact Analysis and Forecasting:

  • How much cash is in the bank right now? 
    • Can we cover all our immediate expenses or do we need inject funds from additional sources?
  • How much cash runway do we have to fund the business? 
    • How much am I going to owe in costs this month and for the next 3 months?  
    • Do we have the cash on hand or expected cash to cover those expenses?
    • How can I grow my cash in the bank?  What’s the general trend?
    • Are we improving our cash position over time? 
  • How does cashflow affect owner draws or dividends?
    • Can I take out what I want to take out?
    • When should I expect to take the draws or dividends that I want?

Financial KPI’s:

  • Show me the health of my business across a variety of financial metrics and ratios
  • Help me understand how I compare vs. target or budget, vs. benchmarks, vs. last year or the average. 
  • Help me understand the breakdown of how each revenue and expense category contributes to the total. 
  • Where should I focus efforts or dig deeper? What levers can I pull and what impacts will they have? 
  • Where do targets need to be set or adjusted in order to help us achieve larger goals?


  • Are we making enough money to fund expansion and hiring?
    • How much can I allocate here?
    • When do we make the hire?
    • How does this affect our cash position?
  • Can I afford to give myself or team members a pay raise or a bonus?
    • When and how much?
    • How will that impact our profits and cash flow?
  • What if we buy additional equipment, buildings, land, or make other capital investments?
    • How does this affect profitability, cash flow, and revenue opportunities?
    • When do we expect these impacts to occur?
  • What if we launch a new product?
    • How well do we think it will do in the marketplace?
    • How quickly will it generate revenue? How much revenue?
    • When will we breakeven on the new product?
    • When do we become profitable?
    • How do we fund the product development and launch?
  • What if we make other strategic decisions – like adding marketing channels, divesting part of the business, diversifying into different markets, etc. What is the financial impact of these?


  • What is my profit per employee?
  • What are the key drivers affecting profitability per employee?
  • Where do I need to make adjustments? What adjustments do I need to make?
  • How efficient is my management team at managing the labor of our company?

We’ve got the insights you need. You can buy any of the analyses we offer or buy a bundle of them together. (And if we’re missing something you need, let us know!)