Get a List of Companies Using Your Competitor’s Software

Get a List of Companies Using Your Competitor’s Software

Knowing who is using your competitor’s software is extremely valuable. It gives you an idea of how strong of a foothold they have on the market. It gives you a list of specific companies that need your services. It tells you the talking points you need to win out over the competition.

On a high level, it gives you better strategic insight. On a tactical level, it gives your sales and marketing teams specific prospects to go after.

With the amount of data that is freely available online, it is now possible to be able to identify many of these companies. The only difficulty is knowing where to look, and then having an automated process that can extract, crunch, and understand that information to pull out specific company names and the software they use.

Vault Analytics has recently developed technology that can perform this function, quickly and easily. Just provide the names of the competitor software in your industry, and our technology will scan for companies that are using it and produce a list of prospects for you.

Give it a try today for free. Let us know what you think.