Getting a Career in Analytics (Post 3): Business Vision

Getting a Career in Analytics (Post 3): Business Vision

Some people call it business acumen. Some people call it seeing the big picture. Some people call it focusing on the bottom line.
Semantics aside, what it means is this – you understand and can solve business problems.
Here are some good ones. Why is revenue down? Why are people unsubscribing from our newsletter? How do we persuade more customers that our products are the best thing that will ever happen to them?
These are questions business people ask. And these are questions business people need answers to. Everything you do from a technical standpoint is going to be within the context of a business question or business problem. That’s where you are going to live.

Pro Tip #1: Search for case studies in the industry you are most interested in. They will detail the business need, the solution, and how they arrived at the solution. Read up on several of these to get a feel for the industry. Focus on case studies dealing with analytics.

Pro Tip #2: Research a real company online in the industry you are interested in. Think up questions and concerns they may have and how to answer them. Contact any friends, friends of friends, friends of neighbors, or friends you meet at the dog park while walking your husky that work in the industry and ask them what kinds of issues they face. If you listen sincerely, they will talk.

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