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We build dashboards that deliver insights.

Know what to focus on and where to take action to improve your business.

Companies from 50 to 500 employees work with us to optimize results across their organization.

We have a process to find insights you can take action on. You give us data, we’ll show you things you didn’t know and provide ideas you can act on.

Our Most Popular Dashboard Packages

To quickly understand what's going on in your company and know what to focus on to drive improvements, you need a well-designed dashboard. Here are some of our most popular packages that other CEO's are using to drive their companies forward.

Sales Analytics

Help me see my sales pipeline, win rates, sales rep performance, and other key sales metrics.

Marketing Analytics

Help me understand which marketing channels are driving the most leads, where I should allocate my ad spend, and where I can improve conversions.

Financial Analytics

Help me see what's driving revenue and profits, where are areas of unexpected cost, and what can we do to optimize.

Product / Retail Analytics

Help me know which products are selling, how they compare to the category, and which prices and discounts are the most appropriate.

Customer Service Analytics

Help me know why people are frustrated or complaining. What's the cost for providing service, the loss from refunds, and the impacts on repeat purchases and lifetime value.

360-Degree Analytics

Help me tie all of my systems together so I can see how each area of my business impacts others and improve operations across the company.

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