Help People Win

Conventional wisdom about winning usually goes something like this:
If you win, I lose.
The problem with this kind of thinking is that it’s wrong. It does not consider that there is, in fact, a higher form of winning – the kind of winning that allows everybody win. And this, I believe, is how real winners think.
These kinds of winners win by accomplishing something meaningful. They win by solving other people’s problems. They win by making a difference.
This type of winning motivates, inspires, and enlivens. This type of winning is what gets us up in the morning and gives us the energy to accomplish great things. This type of winning leads us to do our greatest work.
So how do we sustain this energy to keep working and giving? As Seth Godin puts it, it’s by winning the small battles. If you’re only setting your sights on an impossible goal, you produce nothing but discouragement. But if you notice the small victories along the way to an impossible goal, you produce motivation.
As a nonprofit, what kind of experience are you giving your donors, sponsors, and members? Are you making them winners?
Save Together is an organization that knows how to make its donors winners. They show you, on a personal level, who you are helping and how you are helping. They connect your donation to a face, a story, and a real human being that needs help. People who donate to Save Together are winners.
If funds are running low and donations are dropping in your nonprofit, I’m willing to bet your donors don’t feel like winners. They don’t know how their contribution is helping and they don’t know their donation’s impact.
If you want to have the money and resources you need to accomplish your nonprofit’s mission, make your donors winners. Measure the impact their donations are having. Relate their specific donation to a specific difference made in another human’s life. Show them the small victories. Get them used to winning.
Make your donors winners, and the donations will flow.