The only way to make your marketing campaigns more effective is to use good analytics. The best analytics are visual.

They help you quickly spot trends or outliers, identify what’s working and what isn’t, find opportunities for improvement. In short, they help you see at-a-glance what you need to do, so you can take quick action. Here is a dashboard which shows some analytics for direct marketing campaigns.

Key Highlights from the Dashboards

  • Customers in Boston and New York buy more than the other markets.  However, we also mail the most and spend the most on those markets.
  • Chicago and Washington DC have the best ROI, in terms of dollars spent to dollars earned.  This highlights an opportunity to shift some of the focus to those markets, or to take elements working in those markets and apply them to Boston and New York.
  • Washington DC has the lowest cost/sale.  We need to investigate further and apply best practices to future mailings

Dashboards make insights like these readily apparent.  Vault Analytics can create these for you.