Increasing Your Search Mindshare

Increasing Your Search Mindshare

How much mindshare of a specific term do you own online? In other words, what percentage of searchers online find out about you when they type in their search query?

If you’re talking about a broad search term, such as ‘sandwich,’ then you probably don’t own a lot. If you’re talking about a specific term like ‘low cost sandwich shop in Pocatello, Idaho,’ then you have a chance at owning quite a bit.

Sandwich is broad and impossible to own. With a little work, however, you do have the ability to gain significant mindshare for specific, long tail terms. And although these specific terms might get less traffic, it’s better to own most of the mindshare of one of these terms than little or none of a broader, higher trafficked one.

Here’s how you can tell how you’re doing. See what the monthly search volume of a term is with Google Adwords, and then take a look at your website’s analytics to see how much traffic you get to your website for that specific term.

Visitors to your site for term x / search volume for term x = a good estimate of the mindshare you control

And as mindshare goes up, business will improve. So how do you increase this ratio? One question to ask yourself is if you’re following best practices for search engine optimization.

Or, and this is perhaps even more important, you could ask yourself what is it exactly that you have to offer the market that no one else does. What is your specific expertise? What do you do that no one else can? Where are you located, and is that important to what you’re selling?

Find lower volume, long-tail search terms that match your specific differentiation and own them.