For a long time, I’ve been looking for a podcast I could use to learn about interesting projects other data scientists were working on (along with other data science topics), a podcast I could easily listen to on my commute.

But I could never find one.

So I made one.

The first episode, Take It Back, is an intriguing eleven-minute sound bite—perfect to listen to during your daily commute, in line at the grocery store, or while you workout.

We worked very, very hard to get you this story. We interviewed

  • a former Harvard postdoctoral fellow currently working on an interesting data science project,
  • a top expert in that field, and
  • three individuals at the grass-roots level of this episode’s topic.

What can a podcast about innovative data projects do for you?

  • Good ideas breed good ideas: not only will you learn about interesting data projects, but chances are something you hear will spark innovative ideas.
  • The crunch is real: take around ten minutes—or five if you are the double-time audio playing type (I know I am.)—and get an inside view of awesome data science projects.
  • Entertain you!

Once you’ve listened to it, we’d LOVE your feedback. Maybe you even know of an awesome data science project we should explore! We’re all ears.

Check it out on our website, iTunes, or Google Play Music.