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Get the Answers you Need with our Predictive IoT Cloud.

Prediction is the next generation of IoT—don’t just fix the problem, prevent it from ever becoming a problem in the first place.

In 30 minutes, we’ll give you a roadmap to success with your IoT project, enhanced with predictive analytics.

Predictive maintenance, real-time and pre-time alerts, and instant-insight dashboards to track, monitor, predict, and take action on your top priorities.

Become more efficient, prevent problems before they arise, and audit all activity across your deployment. 

(Our team is super friendly. You’ll enjoy the conversation.)


We Deliver on the Three Pillars of a Successful IoT Project


If your devices don’t work, nothing works 😉

1. Rock Solid, Reliable Devices

We are partnered with Monnit, one of the most respected names in IoT device manufacturing, to source our devices.

  • 80+ sensors for open/close status, food service, temperature monitoring, tracking power usage, monitoring pressure, water detection, and much more
  • Over 45,000 customers and over 2,000 product skus
  • Get Monnit devices at a special Data Crunch discount

Nobody said it would be easy. Except for us. It’ll be easy.

2. Turn-Key Deployment

All devices are immediately connected to our predictive cloud and work together seamlessly to collect data.

  • Start collecting data on day one of install
  • Control devices remotely with desktop or your smartphone
  • Many deployments don’t require special installers or equipment

You’ve got data! Now what?

3. Predictive Analytics and Monitoring

We’ll turn all of the data you have streaming in from your devices into actionable, insightful information for you.

  • Predictive models help you get ahead of maintenance, security, performance, or other metrics you are tracking
  • Intuitive visualizations help you see exactly what’s going one, where the anomalies are, and what to do about them
  • Set up immediate alerts for people that can take action when something needs to be corrected

Don’t Fall Down the Bottomless IoT Toilet

The majority of IoT projects fail because people don’t understand the whole lifecycle, from cradle to grave. Don’t burn your money—call Data Crunch.

Our predictive IoT cloud and turnkey connections with the devices take care of the complexity, so you get solution that works in record time.

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