Data Quality Assurance Coordinator
Full Time
Job description

Data Quality Assurance Coordinator

Data Crunch provides consulting services to a variety of small to medium size businesses. We aggregate data from their systems, automate it’s collection into databases, analyze it, build dashboards for them, and help them make more informed decisions.

We want to ensure that no mistakes are made in our data or analysis work before sending off to clients. Your job as a data quality assurance coordinator will be to help us identify problems and ensure that we correct mistakes before sending finished work off.
Job Responsibilities:
Data Validation

  • Check all the math on the charts, visualizations, dashboards, or other work products we create. Everything should add up.
  • Check to ensure that filters are applied consistently.
  • Check that calculations and logic are correct and generating appropriate results.
  • Validate against source systems to ensure data matches.
  • Check to ensure that data joins and unions are working correctly.
  • Check to ensure that charts or visualizations are portraying data correctly.
  • If things do not add up, determine why they do not add up and provide recommendations back to the consultant who worked on the project. Or, feel free to make the edit yourself.

Data Quality

  • Verify quality of data coming in from clients.
  • Ensure data types are correct and consistent.
  • Understand null values or missing data.
  • Ensure join logic is correct.
  • Audit their existing formulas or logic, as needed.
  • If data quality is poor or has errors or inconsistencies, communicate with lead consultant on the project or the project managers to coordinate with client.
  • Validate integrity of new data flowing through our systems.
  • Is data updating appropriately?
  • Are we seeing values that appear to be too high or too low compared to historic trends?
  • Are data extracts on Tableau Server or Tableau Online updating appropriately? If they are not refreshing, what error messages are we receiving? Research appropriate methods to fix.

Data Governance

  • Ensure that a change log per file and client is updated with each file version and what was changed or added.
  • This will require regular communication with other team members to ensure changes get recorded and associated to file versions.
  • Ensure that file naming conventions become consistent and help us track versions.

Data Communication

  • Help document calculations or logic within files, as needed.
  • Help prepare documentation on data or logic for client, as needed

Skills Needed:

  • Proficiency in SQL
  • Proficiency in Tableau
  • Training in Tableau Prep will be provided
  • Proficiency in Excel
  • Strong attention to detail and accuracy
  • Strong verbal and written skills to communicate with the team

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