Knowing Tableau Will Boost Your Salary

Knowing Tableau Will Boost Your Salary

Data Visualization Ranks on LinkedIn’s Top Skills

3 of the Top 6 Best Jobs List Tableau
as a Must Have

Avg. Tableau Salaries are Above $100k

Demand for Tableau Explodes

Demand for Tableau Continues Strong Upward Growth

Investing in Yourself Pays Dividends

Knowledge, by its very definition, makes itself obsolete every few years.  Every few years knowledge workers have to refresh and renew their knowledge.  Otherwise they risk becoming obsolescent….  It will force us to accept that, in the knowledge society, learning is lifelong and does not end with graduation.

-Peter Drucker

Why Live Training is Worth the Investment

When you attend a virtual training, you get:

  • A live instructor to answer your specific questions
  • An expert with years of experience willing to answer questions or help out long after the training has ended
  • Coaching on not only using the tool, but how to become a better analyst
  • Coaching on how to stand out in the marketplace and get paid what you’re worth

Now what do I do?

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