Learn the Technical Side of Analytics from These Free Resources

Learn the Technical Side of Analytics from These Free Resources

Technical skills in analytics are the magic behind the curtain. They are what produces the results. Even if you are mediocre at most of them, you’re better off than most marketers.

In order of importance, here are the skills you need to learn and the best (free) resources I have found to teach them to you. I’ve listed them in order of importance.


It shouldn’t be the main tool in your arsenal, but it’s still foundational. For some basic things Excel is still the best. Easy Excel has a pretty good data analysis tutorial.


The w3schools’s tutorial is excellent. Basic and to the point.

Google Analytics

Google does a brilliant job here with tutorials. Start out with their digital analytics courses, and then on to the Google Analytics Platform Fundamentals.

Data Visualization

Tableau is hands down the easiest way to get visual insights from data. Learn it. They have free tutorials and a free product.

Predictive Analytics

I recommend Python (Download the Anaconda version). It’s free, there is a large user base, and it can pretty much do anything the big names like SAS and SPSS can do. Plus, some of the best data scientists in the world use Python for their algorithms, and they publish their code that you can look at and learn from on Kaggle.

If you don’t know Python, I recommend this free tutorial site—and this one as well.

If you already know Python, Sci-Kit Learn (with a tutorial) is the de facto place for predictive modeling. You’ll also probably want to get acquainted with Pandas to help you easily manipulate data.

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