Chapter 1: Deploy to Moldova
Chapter 2: The Secret Transmission
Chapter 3: The Bunker Room
Epilogue: What Comes Next

Module 2: Basics of the Tableau Interface

Learn the basics of the Tableau interface. It is your window into data viz nirvana, amidst the zombie insanity.


Concepts in this video

  • Dimensions vs Measures
  • Tableau Generated Dimensions and Measures
  • Column and Rows Shelf
  • Color Card
  • Infinite Undo and Redo


Quick tips

  • Tableau is built for iterative design and experimentation. Don’t be afraid to move dimensions and measures around on the column, row, color, and size shelves until you get to a view you want. Many times, by doing this you can get to several different views of the data, all of which are valuable.
Lesson Content