Chapter 1: Deploy to Moldova
Chapter 2: The Secret Transmission
Chapter 3: The Bunker Room
Epilogue: What Comes Next

Module 1: Connect to Data

You’ve secured access to the data server and tutorials.

Download the data here: zombie_data


Concepts in this video

  • Connect to Data
  • Data Viewer Screen Basics
  • Data Types
  • Live vs Extract connections
  • Pre Data Load Filters
  • Rename, hide, duplicate columns in Data Viewer Screen


Quick Tips

  • If you are seeing lag in visualizing a particular data set, try:
    • Creating a Tableau extract
    • Filtering the data set in the data view to only what you need
    • Use Data sampling (not covered in this video, this is a more advanced topic)
  • Make sure all of the data types make sense for you columns before moving on to visualizing your data