Marketing Analytics Links of the Week

Marketing Analytics Links of the Week


Mobile marketing analytics news
The worlds largest mobile ad network, InMobi, has just announced new reporting and analytical tools that aim to increase marketing ROI for those pursuing mobile advertising. New abilities include advanced segmentation and filtering, and a better user interface. This move is an important one to watch for anyone wanting to reach a mobile audience.


Inbound Calls Analytics
AdTraka, a company that sells telephone conversion tracking systems, has come out with new analytical capabilities that allow companies to know which key-phrases are responsible for telephone inquiry generation. Now you will be able to know which campaigns are the most effective in generating inbound calls, allowing you to focus your efforts and cut unprofitable campaigns.


Google Tools

Full Referral URLs from Google Analytics
This article shows you how to use custom filters in Google Analytics so you can track full-referral URL’s. This way, instead of getting a broad picture of what domains are linking to you, you will be able to see specific pages.


URL Tracking
Free Google tool to create URLs that can be tracked so that you can measure your marketing campaigns


Onsite Targeting with Google Analytics
It appears that in the near future you will be able to serve up customized content to specific we visitors with the use of Google Analytics.



Find the 1% of visitors that count
Interesting study that found that 1% of site visitors generate 20% of all its traffic by sharing its content. Further, these 1% of influencers drive conversions on your site. Find and engage the 1%, and you indirectly engage everyone within that influencers social sphere.


Mobile Marketing of Social Media
Kevin Hillstrom suggests that too many people are talking about social media, while mobile marketing is being overlooked. This is unfortunate, as mobile marketing can be easily tracked and is going to be a huge way of advertising in the coming years.