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There have been some spectacular fails when it comes to looking at Internet traffic, think Google Flu Trends; however, Predata, a company that helps people understand global events and market moves by interpreting signals in Internet traffic, has honed human-in-the-loop machine learning to get to the bottom of geopolitical riskListen Now

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The way you organize your data science team will greatly affect your business’s outcome. This episode discusses different structures for a data science team, as well as top down versus bottom up approaches, how to get data science solutions into production organically, and how to be part of the businessListen Now

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David Millar is a man bringing analytical solutions to an industry that historically has had little data. But with the explosion of smart devices, that is all changing, and the way utilities operate is as well. David Millar: The way that electricity markets work is that you have what’s called the dayListen Now

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Simeon Schwarz has been walking the data management tightrope for years. In this episode, he helps us see the hidden organizational and economic impacts that come from leading a data management initiative, and how to understand and overcome the inertia, fears, and status quo that hold good data management back.Listen Now

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David Saben is on a mission to make taking tests less painful, and he’s using data to do it. In this episode, he’ll discuss reviving methods developed in 1979 to shorten tests and make them more effective, as well as how to use psychometrics to aid in the design andListen Now

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Todd Jones: My name is Todd Jones. I’m the chief analytics officer here at WebbMason analytics. We are a professional services firm helping our clients accelerate their analytic evolution. So I think my journey started about 10 years ago. Uh, I graduated from Princeton with a degree in operations researchListen Now

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Today we speak with Professor Ram Bala, an expert in supply chain management analytics, particularly last-mile delivery. He has very interesting insights into how today’s supply chain is evolving. He talks about various methods and algorithms he uses, the specific challenges inherent in doing last mile logistics and deliver, howListen Now

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Today, our guest, Alain Briancon, will talk to us about how to work with Fortune 500 companies and help them get quick value from their data, how to build a roadmap of incremental value during the data collection and analysis process, how they help predict and incentivize customer purchases, andListen Now

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Today is a special episode. We welcome three executive guests from different organizations to share their experiences and insights about how data science can best support executive goals. Ginette Methot: I’m Ginette Curtis Seare: And I’m Curtis Ginette: And you are listening to Data Crunch Curtis: A podcast about howListen Now

Our guest Andrzej Wolosewicz has had years of experience helping companies define and build machine learning and analytical solutions that have a measurable impact on the business, and he shares with us his experience and expertise. He shares with us the biggest pitfalls he sees companies fall into over anListen Now