Potential Reach of a Tweet

Potential Reach of a Tweet

How do you show the online marketing opportunity for a new business venture? One piece of the online space that you will want to show is Twitter. Here’s an attempt at gauging how much reach your tweets would have.

To start the analysis, head over to Twellow and search for users that would be interested in the new business. Twellow gives you a long list of people that could be interested, and from that list we can start creating a spreadsheet with the user name and the number of followers they have.

The rest of this analysis assumes we get each user to tweet once about our new business. The question is, how many people will be aware of us as a result? The completed sheet below answers that question.

Tweet Reach


The % Views is our best estimate of how many of the user’s followers will actually read the tweet.

The Awareness is the number of followers the user has multiplied by the % views, giving us how many people actually read the tweet.

Then we get into the retweets. The % that Retweet is the percentage of aware people that we think will be interested enough to retweet.

The # of retweets is the % that retweet multiplied by the awareness

The average # of followers is the average of each of the users followers on the list, to give us the number of followers the average user has.

Multiply the number of retweets and the average # of followers, and you get the potential number of people that can be reached from the retweeting, or Potential Reach.

Multiply this by the % views, and you get the Awareness reached by the retweeting.

Finally, add up both awareness columns to get the Total Awareness. This number is an estimate of the number of people that will be aware of your business as a result of that user tweeting about it once.

Obviously there are many assumptions made here, but it gives you a good idea at just how powerful a tweet could be to increase awareness of your product or service.