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CEOs: Easily Model Strategic What-If Decisions Using your QuickBooks Data

Know your numbers, understand your business, plan for the future, increase profits.

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What-if Scenario Modeling Lets You Know What Will Happen Based on Your Decisions

Stop guessing and see how your decisions today will affect your business tomorrow. Model what-if scenarios so you can take the course of action that will maximize profit and minimize cost.

  • Can we afford this?
  • Did I make the right choice on that?
  • When do I pull the trigger on X (hiring, new capital expense like equipment, new product line, etc,)
  • Do I let someone go and how will that affect them?
  • What’s our forecasted revenue and profits for the rest of the year?
  • Are we on track with our budgets?
  • Which employees need additional training? How do we help them?
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Save Hours of Time Trying to Get Good Insight out of Messy QuickBooks Data

Let’s face it, the reporting from Quickbooks isn’t great. And, it’s really hard to keep you data straight and categorized in a way that you can get immediate, accurate insight.

With our process, you’ll be able to have accurate reporting, targeted insights, and get answers to your most important business questions without ever getting your hands dirty in the data.

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Save Tens of Thousands of Dollars from Poor Decision Making Based on Incorrect or Incomplete Data

Clean data, accurate facts, and relevant information will help you guide your business and avoid the pitfalls of making decisions in the dark.

How it Works

Step 1: Connect Quickbooks to the Data Crunch Insights Engine

After just a few minutes, our insights engine will provide you with numerous insights about how you can increase profits and decrease costs across your business, based on your own data.

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Step 2: One-Hour Strategic Data Review

Our experts take time to dive deep into understanding your data and business, so we can tune the engine to pick up on insights specific and customized to the nuances of how you operate.

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Step 3: We Clean Your Data

We put your data into a custom flow to ensure it’s accurate, complete, and able to forecast revenue, expenses, profits, and cash flow.

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Step 4: You Get Real-Time Dashboards and Alerts

Let your data inform you where you can cut costs, where you can build profit, when you can hire, and add hard facts and insights to your most important business decisions.

Using Parameters to Change the Variables in a Linear Regression in Tableau

Step 5: Monthly Executive Reviews to Keep You on Track

Your advisor will go through a checklist of 50 things every month prior to meeting with you and deliver the most relevant information to discuss and create action plans with you. Stay informed and accountable.

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“Data Crunch Corp is a top-notch place for training professionals in Computer Software.  We hired them for the Tableau Course and it was at the highest level. After completing the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced courses, we can say that our training quality for Tableau grew immensely.

The best asset while working with Data Crunch was the responsiveness and communication. Everything was completed before the deadline and if there were any corrections, they completed them without hesitation. I highly recommend Data Crunch for the highest level professional training you can find.”

-Tim A.
Content Developer

Client Testimonial: Five Star Painting

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Sign up for a time to get your QuickBooks set up in the Insight Engine and get your initial insights without any cost or risk to you.