Sell to Less, but Sell to the Right Less

Sell to Less, but Sell to the Right Less

There is something to be said about the law of scarcity. In a recent consumer trending report, this was said:

“In 2010, just sell something special, something premium, something desirable in just one (geographical) location. Which means forgoing a chain-wide rollout or selling to all from a borderless e-shop. The limitation this will put on distribution opportunities will be compensated for by enthusiasm, PR and premium prices.”

The shotgun approach is almost never the best way to go. By targeting everyone, you end up getting no one. But if you’re going to target a small audience, you’d better know where to shoot. So where is the one, targeted location that you’re going to roll out your special, premium product or service?

Take a look at Google Insights. Type in some terms related to your product or service, and Google will pull its data together into a visualization to show you where the most demand is located. After typing in a few key terms and taking a look at the results, you should have a pretty good idea of where the people are located you want to target.
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