Data Crunch's SaaS Portfolio

Air Support for Your Predictive Analytics

Our SaaS portfolio was born out of a need for our clients. Each offering facilitates our ability to provide training and insights in specific, important ways.


Fast WordPress Hosting

The front line of data and profit is your website, and too many companies have under-performing, misconfigured, and insecure sites.

WPGazelle makes your website fast, secure, and measurable. 

Turn your website into a profit-generating machine.



Measurable Virtual Classroom

Teach Beacon makes virtual instruction engaging, seamless, and measurable.

As a training company, we needed a better solution than Zoom to deliver greater outcomes and measure those outcomes.

Universities, school districts, and companies can use Teach Beacon to engage, measure, and tune their instruction.



Organizational Fundraising

We care about important causes.

RaiseFor helps organizations raise funds for things they care about, and tracks all the transactional data so fundraising can be optimized.

Using a SaaS approach, RaiseFor gives each group their own eCommerce store they can sell their products on, take donations, and more.

And, it's free. Give it a try!



AI Powered Podcast Editor

We run a popular podcast and hate removing the "ums" and other vocal fillers to make our audio high quality.

So we built Umbegone and opened it up to the masses.

Umbegone removes all of the "ums" from podcasts using propriety AI.