The Best Twitter Lists

The Best Twitter Lists

The best Twitter lists are the ones you create yourself.  Naturally, you are going to put people in your lists that provide value to you and that you can provide value to in return.  Did you notice the key word there?  It was you.

You are different than other businesses. You provide goods and services in a way that no one else quite mimics. You own a specific niche in the market.

Or at least you should.

Twitter, along with the rest of the growing social internet, provides immense opportunity to connect with people and organizations in meaningful ways in order to create value for one another.  It allows for powerful communities to be created when unique people and business can connect and work with each other.

The system breaks down, however, the minute we want to be like everybody else.  We want to follow large, pre-made Twitter lists from sites like listorious because we want to follow the ‘experts.’  We don’t want to miss any information that other people in our industry may be getting.

The problem here is one of opportunity costs.  Tracking popular pre-made lists of hundreds of tweeters, and doing it effectively, takes time – time that could be spent tracking a list specifically relevant  and customized to you.  And a list the no one else has. Businesses win when they are differentiated.  Why should the way a business uses Twitter be any different?

Find people by searching Twitter for key terms you are interested in.  Sign up for the RSS feed for these terms.  Look at the tweets of those the show up and see if they are saying relevant and valuable things to what you do.  Notice who they follow and who follows them, and read their tweet history as well.  Search for relevant tweeters on sites like Wefollow or Twellow.  You could even sift through someone else’s pre-made list to find the tweeters most relevant to you.

The point is, make lists customized to you and your business. If you’re just following popular pre-made lists, you’re the same as everybody else.


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