The Four Steps to Getting More Budget and Proving ROI for L&D Leaders

A Workbook and Supporting Resources

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Supplemental Materials

Asset #1: The Decisions and Data Matrix

This tool will help you pinpoint the right problems to solve, and the associated business metrics to optimize.

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Data Decision Matrix

Asset #2: The ROI Calculator

This tool will help you quantify the value of the training so you can report real value back to the business.

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ROI Gains Template

Asset #3: Training-Consulting Deliverable Checklist

This checklist will help ensure that the deliverable you want to get out of a particular class will be highly valuable to the business.

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Data Consulting Deliverable Checklist

Asset #4: Analytics Sample Deliverable

This tool show you what a good consulting deliverable would look like, along with an analysis of the value to the business. 

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“Data Crunch Corp is a top-notch place for training professionals in Computer Software.  We hired them for the Tableau Course and it was at the highest level. After completing the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced courses, we can say that our training quality for Tableau grew immensely.

The best asset while working with Data Crunch was the responsiveness and communication. Everything was completed before the deadline and if there were any corrections, they completed them without hesitation. I highly recommend Data Crunch for the highest level professional training you can find.”

-Tim A.
Content Developer

Client Testimonial: Five Star Painting