Course Offerings

Solving Business Problems with Statistics

Level: Beginner

Length: 3 days

Course Focus: Learning fundamental statistics and predictive modeling using Excel. Focused on answering actual business questions and application.

Tableau Analyst

Level: Fundamentals

Length: 2 days

Course Focus: Learning the basics of Tableau with special attention paid to adding context and making reports more insightful.

Tableau Analyst

Tableau Like a Pro

Level: Intermediate

Length: 2 days

Course Focus: Adding calculations, interactivity, and deeper analysis with a special focus on publishing and automating interactive reports.

Tableau Like a Pro

Tableau Analysis Ninja

Level: Advanced

Length: 3 days

Course Focus: Learning how to create actionable insights that tie into measurable business metrics with a special focus on expanding your analytical and design toolkit.

Tableau Ninja

Data Storytelling

Level: Advanced

Length: 2 days

Course Focus: Learning how to translate data into meaningful, memorable, and actionable stories and metaphors, with emphasis on best practices in presenting and communication.

Data Storytelling

Tableau Prep

Level: Intermediate

Length: 2 days

Course Focus: Learning how to gather data from disparate sources, clean it, shape it, and prepare it for easy analysis in Tableau.

What To Expect From a Data Crunch Training Course

2-3 Days of Live Instruction, On-site or Virtual

We will travel to your location or set up a live session online to train your team. You get the full attention of one of our expert trainers to teach the material, answer questions, and go through practice exercises for 2-3 full days of instruction.

Proven Curriculum, Textbooks for Students

All of our curriculum is written in house by data analytics experts, and refined over and over again as we train. Each course has a full text book of material that each student will receive to follow along and keep after the course.

Option to Customize Training on Your Own Data

We can customize our training on your data so that your team comes away not only understanding how analytical principles apply to their specific situation, but they also come away with a usable analysis, report, or dashboard that is immediately applicable to you business.

Both Technical And Practical Business Skills Taught

Data analysis is not simple a technical exercise. Teaching the technical skills is where most training courses stop. That’s like giving someone a car without a map. We incorporate practical business skills so you team knows how to use their new found technical skills to produce insight and results.

Competitive, Fair Pricing

We offer great training and a fair price. If you get a better price somewhere else for a similar training, we’ll match it.

Absolute Focus on Data and Analytics

Most training companies offer a wide variety of courses from software development to UI/UX to analytics. We are absolutely focused on the unique nuances and challenges of teaching data and analytics that other vendors miss.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand by our trainings and service. You you are not 100% satisfied with your experience, we’ll either refund your money or reteach the course at no charge.

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