Course Offerings

We offer onsite group training courses that will get your team up to speed on critical data and analytics capabilities, fast.

Courses can be purchases individually if you need targeted skills, or as a full curriculum to help anyone go from zero to one hundred with the core data and analysis skills that are in high demand today.

Solving Business Problems with Statistics

Level: Beginner

Length: 3 days

Course Focus: This course teaches participants how to apply appropriate statistical procedures and models to answer business questions and, most importantly, effectively communicate impact to stakeholders. It is taught using Excel.

Tableau Analyst (Beginner)

Level: Beginner

Length: 2 days

Course Focus: Learning the basics of Tableau with special attention paid to adding context and making reports more insightful.

This is for students who are new to Tableau or who have limited experience with the software. Students will learn the fundamentals of the tool and how to use all the basic functionality to visualize their data. Students will learn how to connect to various data sources, build a variety of basic charts, and combine those insights into a useable dashboard.

Tableau Analyst

Tableau Like a Pro (Intermediate)

Level: Intermediate

Length: 2 days

Course Focus: This class is designed for someone who has moderate experience with Tableau and is ready to take basic skills to an advanced level. This class will put more tools in your analytical tool box, such as more complex calculations, more powerful interactivity, more complex chart types, and more ways to slice and dice your data to mine for critical insights.

Tableau Like a Pro

Tableau Analysis Ninja (Advanced)

Level: Advanced

Length: 3 days

Course Focus: This intensive 3 day bootcamp is designed to turbocharge your Tableau skills and take your analytical ability and the insights you provide to the next level.

This assumes you’re already very familiar with the Tableau interface and want to go beyond bar charts and learn a variety of advanced charts, when to use them and how they help you be a better data analyst. This course will also teach you how to turn your formatting into magazine-quality infographics, as well as quantify impacts.

Tableau Ninja

Data Storytelling

Level: Advanced

Length: 2 days

Course Focus: Data Crunch’s Data Storytelling course teaches participants how to effectively find and communicate insights in data, with a focus on context, design, communication, and automation.

Class will include time for workshopping with your own data to make improvements and create more impactful data-driven narratives.

Data Storytelling

Tableau Prep

Level: Intermediate

Length: 2 days

Course Focus: This two-day hands on course will teach you how to use Tableau Prep, Tableau’s data preparation, data cleansing, and ETL tool. 

At the end of the course, students will be able to overcome many of their thorniest data cleaning and preparation issues, enabling their Tableau analysis and visualization process to be smoother and easier. 

In some cases, it can replace or ease data prep challenges being solved in other ways currently, such as using SAS for ETL processes, or waiting long periods of time for IT to get the data just so, or doing a lot of manual rework in Excel.

Full Curriculum (Mini Data Science Bootcamp)

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Length: 14 days

Course Focus: Take employees from zero to proficient, contributing data analysts and scientists with our full curriculum. Students learn the following core data skills all analysts and data scientists need to make a meaningful impact on the organization, including:

 – How to clean and prepare dirty or messy data for analysis.

 – How to automate reporting and save hours of manual reporting time.

 – How to create ad-hoc visuals in Tableau that solve real business problems and reveal insights dynamically.

 – How to create business-ready dashboards that will be adopted and used by the business.

 – How do run basic modeling to run forecasts and make predictions.

Power BI Analyst

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Length: 2 days

Course Focus: This course is designed for students who are new to Power BI or who have limited experience with the software. Students will learn the fundamentals of the tool and how to apply basic functionality to build and share dashboards of data visualizations using their data.

Power BI Boss

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Length: 3 days

Course Focus: This course is designed for students who are new to Power BI or who have limited experience with the software. Students will learn the fundamentals of the tool and how to apply basic functionality to build and share dashboards of data visualizations using their data

Executive Seminar: How to Lead a Transformational Data Strategy

Level: Executives

Length: 4 hours

Course Focus: Help senior leaders and executives tasked with driving improvements – increasing profits, building efficiencies, cutting costs, driving growth, improving customer retention and satisfaction – accomplish this using data and analytics. 


What To Expect From a Data Crunch Training Course

2-3 Days of Live Instruction, On-site or Virtual

We will travel to your location or set up a live session online to train your team. You get the full attention of one of our expert trainers to teach the material, answer questions, and go through practice exercises for 2-3 full days of instruction.

Proven Curriculum, Textbooks for Students

All of our curriculum is written in house by data analytics experts, and refined over and over again as we train. Each course has a full text book of material that each student will receive to follow along and keep after the course.

Option to Customize Training on Your Own Data

We can customize our training on your data so that your team comes away not only understanding how analytical principles apply to their specific situation, but they also come away with a usable analysis, report, or dashboard that is immediately applicable to you business.

Both Technical And Practical Business Skills Taught

Data analysis is not simple a technical exercise. Teaching the technical skills is where most training courses stop. That’s like giving someone a car without a map. We incorporate practical business skills so you team knows how to use their new found technical skills to produce insight and results.

Competitive, Fair Pricing

We offer great training and a fair price. If you get a better price somewhere else for a similar training, we’ll match it.

Absolute Focus on Data and Analytics

Most training companies offer a wide variety of courses from software development to UI/UX to analytics. We are absolutely focused on the unique nuances and challenges of teaching data and analytics that other vendors miss.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand by our trainings and service. You you are not 100% satisfied with your experience, we’ll either refund your money or reteach the course at no charge.

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