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Digital and Onsite Corporate Tableau Training or Power BI Training

10 Seconds To Insights Process

At Data Crunch our team of Tableau training experts and Power BI instructors train Fortune 500 companies on principles of data visualization, data storytelling, predictive analytics, and machine learning. Learn to create data visualizations that always portray the correct insights in 10 seconds or less. 

Why Your Reports Don’t Live Up To Their Potential

You probably have a number of people on your team that are tasked with working with data. This may involve cleaning and assembly of data, or building models and running analyses, or creating reports or dashboards.

But, chances are the insights you are receiving are less than what was promised to you by any given BI vendor.  

Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Domo, Looker, Sisense… 

Now, don’t get us wrong, we’ve worked with all of these tools, and they are amazing tools. But, the promise of these tools and the transformative impact they can have on your business depend overwhelmingly on a factor no one is mentioning: the skill of the people using them.

A knife in the hands of a child leads to injury.  A knife in the hands of a master carpenter leads to works of art. The same is true with data.  

Although all of these tools are great and can lead to breakthrough insights, without a skilled data analyst, these promises and the resulting impact on productivity, decision making and bottom-line growth fall short.

Tableau Clustering Technique

Why Are So Few People Good Data Analysts?

Because they have never been taught.  

They have likely had a class or three about Excel in college or their master’s degree, and maybe they’ve even dabbled in or had some training on a BI tool.  But, they’ve been taught those things in isolation with a focus on “how to” not “why.”  

So, although they know how to create a pivot table, or create a chart or a dashboard, they aren’t sure which questions they should be asking to move the company forward.  Nor are they sure how to translate what they are analyzing into measurable financial results.  

Why someone should look at one thing vs. another, why that is important to the business, why we need to improve our visualizations, how we’re using this to make decisions – these are questions they’ve never been taught how to ask or answer.  

And so, although you’re providing the best tools in the world, you still don’t have the insight you need.

It’s time to change that.

Our Focus

We teach teams of people how to be smarter data analysts while using Excel and BI tools. Although the instruction may focus on a particular tool, all of our Tableau or Power BI or other onsite training courses revolve around helping people be smarter with data.

A good data analyst must possess the following skills:

  • business context
  • communication & presentation skills
  • data analysis skills
  • understanding of financial & strategic drivers of the company. 

Without these skills, the power of data is unrealized.

Our Goal

We have structured our curriculum to:

  • Help people ask and answer key business questions.
  • Provide the context needed to determine if something is good or bad, and by how much.
  • Help people evaluate possible actions and outcomes against measurable financial impacts.

We won’t lie: a transformation like that is sometimes uncomfortable for people because it requires a higher level of thinking than simply updating the same reports that have been in circulation for a decade. And we’re also not going to lie and promise this can be done in a 2-day training class. Sending your child to a two-day basketball camp isn’t going to ensure they make the high school team, much less college or the pros.

The same is true here.

But, we can promise that this is possible. And the impact truly is transformational. 

And we can also share a secret: A few excellent analysts can give you as much insight or more, and do it faster than a whole team of people who only make updates to reports or only dabble in a BI tool.
We can help your team learn the skills of a master data analysts, and drive huge results for you with our Tableau, PowerBI, and Data Storytelling courses. 

Check out a video of what that looks like. 

Data Crunch Corporate Training Courses

Learn from experts

The founders of Data Crunch have been using Tableau for over a decade, and our Training Expert for Power BI has been using Microsoft’s Power BI tool for a decade as well. We’ve built curriculum based on years of consulting experience across every industry and department. We know what people need to get insight from data, as well as the features, techniques, and tools that will help them.

Our teams of consultants and trainers are all experts in the tool and use it on a daily basis for consulting, and then share their in-the-trenches knowledge in class. They’ve been through our curriculum and have worked with a professional coach to become top-notch teachers and class facilitators.

More Than Just Product Features

Training curriculum usually is focused on teaching as much as possible and is very feature-focused. Our curriculum is based on a decade’s worth of daily usage and is structured to build sequentially. Further, our training is built upon finding insights in data and supporting strategic business objectives.  

Completely Hands-On

Most training is very PowerPoint heavy, our curriculum is 100% hands-on.  Participants are building with the instructor the entire time. This is then reinforced in on-your-own practice exercises spaced throughout the class. This helps learners truly master the concepts.

Customized With Your Data

We customize to your data, if desired. We’ll build all the charts and dashboards using your data prior to the class then teach your team how to do it. This flattens the learning curve dramatically and provides you reports you can use immediately, ensuring maximum return on your training investment. 

Tableau Courses

We offer corporate data analytics and data visualizations trainings that allow businesses to take their workforce to the next level.

Tableau Analyst (Beginner)

Level: Beginner

Length: 2 days

Course Focus: Suitable for beginners in Tableau who have limited experiences in using the software, this course not only focuses in Tableau basics like connecting to data sources and building basic charts, but also highly prioritizes teaching newbies how to add context and create insightful reports through data.
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Tableau Analyst Ninja (Advanced)

Level: Advanced

Length: 3 days

Course Focus: Experts in Tableau who want to go beyond bar charts will get great benefits from this course. Aside from guiding experts on how to become a better analyst, we focus on turbocharging each student’s analytical abilities. They will learn how to ask the right questions, create effective magazine-quality visuals, extract useful insights, and maximize analytics impact in business.
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Tableau Like A Pro (Intermediate)

Level: Intermediate

Length: 2 days

Course Focus: Ready to take your workforce’s Tableau skills to the next level? From creating complex calculations, working on tricky dynamic parameters, building interactive dashboards, crafting advanced charts, implementing advanced formatting, to clustering and slicing data, this two-day course will instantly make your team a pro!
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Tableau Prep

Level: Intermediate

Length: 2 days

Course Focus: This two-day hands-on course will teach you how to use Tableau Prep, Tableau’s data preparation, data cleansing, and ETL tool.
At the end of the course, students will be able to overcome many of their thorniest data cleaning and preparation issues, enabling their Tableau analysis and visualization process to be smoother and easier.
In some cases, it can replace or ease data prep challenges being solved in other ways currently, such as using SAS for ETL processes, or waiting long periods of time for IT to get the data just so, or doing a lot of manual rework in Excel.
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Power BI Courses

We offer corporate data analytics and data visualizations trainings that allow businesses to take their workforce to the next level.

PowerBI Analyst (Beginner)

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Length: 2 days

Course Focus: This course is designed for students who are new to Power BI or who have limited experience with the software. Students will learn the fundamentals of the tool and how to apply basic functionality to build and share dashboards of data visualizations using their data. 
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PowerBI Boss

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Length: 2-3 days

Course Focus: This Intermediate Power BI training course builds on the Power BI Analyst class, teaching the advanced dashboard skills participants need in order to successfully build more sophisticated data visualizations. During the class, students connect to various data sources, shape and combine data, work with reports, and create and share more sophisticated dashboards.
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PowerBI Comprehensive

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Length: 3 days

Course Focus: A hands-on workshop-style training, this course is best for students who are new to Power BI or those who have limited experience with the software. We teach the fundamentals like connecting to data sources, shaping and combining data, and working with reports, and creating and sharin usable dashboards.
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Data Storytelling Course

We offer corporate data analytics and data visualizations trainings that allow businesses to take their workforce to the next level.

Data Storytelling with Tableau

Level: Advanced

Length: 2 days

Course Focus:  To successfully generate driving actions, employees need to learn how to effectively communicate insights. 

Data Crunch’s Data Storytelling course teaches participants how to effectively find and communicate insights in data, with a focus on context, design, communication, and automation.

Class will include time for workshopping with your own data to make improvements and create more impactful data-driven narratives.

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Data Science Courses

We offer corporate data analytics and data visualizations trainings that allow businesses to take their workforce to the next level.

Solving Business Problems with Statistics

Level: Beginner

Length: 3 days

Course Focus: This course teaches students on how to decide which appropriate statistical procedures, tools, techniques, and models to use in answering business questions. Most importantly, participants learn how to effectively communicate impact of insights to stakeholders. This course is taught using Excel. Therefore, it is a prerequisite that students be familiar with Excel.
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Executive Seminar: How to Lead a Transformational Data Strategy

Level: Executives

Length: 4 hours

Course Focus: This course aids executives and senior leaders in their tasks to drive company improvements; from increasing profits, building efficiencies, reducing costs, driving growth, improving customer retention, and delivering customer satisfaction. We empower executives in accomplishing these tasks using data and analytics. 
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Mini Data Science Bootcamp (Full Curriculum)

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Length: 14 days

Course Focus: Learning Tableau is easy but it takes time to achieve Tableau proficiency. However, with a complete curriculum like ours, you can take your employees from zero to a hundred in just 14 days. Save hours of work by switching to automation from manual, dynamically reveal company problems and insights, craft business-ready dashboards, and make predictions through forecasts today!
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How We Think You’ll Get the Most Results and Lasting Impact

The best way to achieve lasting change with your team is to start them with an intro course, then give them some time to apply as well as a specific assignment, albeit a simple one.  

Then, a few weeks later we can come back for another training, where we can answer questions and scenarios they’ve run into.  This enables greater knowledge retention and results. 

Then, we move into our more advanced courses and Data Storytelling where we focus on the communication and presentation components.  

Lastly, we have some courses that show how to use Excel or Python or Alteryx to do advanced predictive analytics and prescriptive optimization.  

With our corporate BI and analytics courses and over several months to a year, you can transform your team into an insights machine that helps drive the business forward.


Contact Us to Discuss Training and Get a Price

Imagine What These Results Would Look Like in Your Organization and For You Personally

What is the cost of a bad decision?  

What is the impact of a really well-informed decision?  

What if you knew a particular action had a high probability of generating strong financial returns to your organization?  

What if you could better identify and mitigate risk?  

What if you could more easily understand all the numbers and communicate them more clearly to your peers or other executives?  

What kind of impact would that have on the goals you are striving to achieve? What kind of impact would that have on your career personally?  

We can help your team transform data into insight with onsite Tableau or Power BI courses followed by our Data Storytelling and Predictive Analytics courses.  We can help you achieve your business goals. 

Contact us today and let’s talk.

Check Out Our Tableau & Data Analytics Content and Tutorials

Statistics and Predictive Analytics in Tableau

Tableau invests in advanced analytics so your business can understand and get to the root of your problems, no matter how hard and complex they are.

It allows fast and flexible cohort analysis and improves segmentation through automated clustering.

This is extremely useful when trying to spot difficult to see patterns in high dimensional data sets.

Its sophisticated calculation also enables easy manipulation of complex data with concise expressions and fast analysis augmentation with arbitrary calculations.

Last but not the least, it allows rich-time series analysis.

Therefore, exploring seasonality, sampling data, forecasting, and running other predictive analyses becomes faster.

Tableau Charts and Graphing

The problem of today is not the lack of tools nor the limited number of tech to use but the lack of education and awareness of our vast options; made possible by ever-evolving technologies. 

The same goes for graphs and charts. We have advanced tools like Tableau and Power Bi, vast data sources, and plenty of chart types of choose from. However, not everyone knows when to use which. 

Therefore, we decided to write this guide to help you know which graphs or charts will work best depending on what you want to show, what types of data are you working on, and what questions you want to be answered.

Are you ready to discover infinite inventive ways to visualize your data through charts and graph? Be sure to check our detailed articles to the right.

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Data Connection and Data Modeling

Before you can work on data on Tableau, you need to learn how to connect it to different data sources.

It can be connected to the most widely used data sources.

It can connect to file systems like CSV and Excel, relational systems like SQL, Oracle, and DB2, cloud systems like Google BigQuery and Windows Assure, and other systems.

After Data connection, comes data modeling.

These include joins in Tableau and custom SQL.

Check out the tutorials on the right to learn more. 

Design Best Practices

Follow the best dashboard design best practices we listed to enable yourself in creating dashboards that offer actionable insights.

Moreover, we have created a guide that will help you improve your workflow in creating the best dashboard.

From conceptualizing, designing, to crafting your final visualization, we got you covered.

We also analyzed bad dashboards so you can learn from their mistakes and not have to go through the same suffer from its consquences in the future.

Furthermore, we have  compiled good and bad data visualizations.

You can use as our blogs as guide to understand the principles behind a beautifully designed visualization.

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