Course Objective

This course is for students who are new to Alteryx or who have limited experience with the software. Students will learn the fundamentals of the Alteryx Designer interface and workflow settings. Through hands-on training students will be able to connect to, prepare, blend, parse, pivot, analyze, shape, and transform data.

Course Outline
  • Understand Alteryx Designer terminology
  • Easily navigate the Alteryx Designer Interface
  • Become familiar with Designer User and Workflow Settings
  • Be able to share and save workflows
  • Understand how Designer processes data
  • Connect to and update data sources:
    • Files and databases
    • Dynamically load Excel Spreadsheets
    • Bulk load text-based files such as CSV
    • Write back to the original data source
  • Clean unwanted characters in records
  • Order records
  • Rename fields manually and dynamically
  • Detect and change field data types manually and automatically
  • Filter records and use conditional expression to update/add fields
  • Identify unique records
  • Blend data from disparate sources:
    • Append records from different sources
    • Merge records from different sources on key fields
    • Add fields from one data set to all records in another
  • Parse data
  • Work with date/time fields
  • Build expressions to add and update fields, by performing basic calculations
  • Replacing text within a field
  • Using string length and positions
  • Parse data from one field into multiple field
  • Pivot data
  • Group and Bin Records
  • Aggregate data
  • Workflow best practices
  • Cache a portion of your workflow
  • Output data to different file formats
  • Advanced Preparation
    • Filtering and cleaning “messy data”
    • Utilizing formulas to reference multiple rows and fields
    • Binning data into respective groups
    • Creating sample sets to prepare data for predictive analytics
Duration 2
Software Requirements
  • Alteryx Designer
  • Microsoft Excel 2010 or later (2013 or later recommended) with the latest update installed

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