Course Objective

For the Tableau analyst comfortable building charts and dashboards ready to level-up their design. Learn tips and tricks for creating elegant, inviting, and user-friendly charts, infographics, and dashboards in Tableau. This course also dives into creating and importing custom shapes, color palettes, charts, and templates for seamless consistency across an organization. In this 2-day course, the last half-day will be dedicated to workshopping with participant’s own data.

Course Outline

Part 1: Worksheet Formatting

  • Entire workbook vs one sheet
  • Navigation pane
  • Formatting pane
    • Fonts
    • Alignment
    • Shading
    • Borders
    • Lines
  • Marks card
    • Text
      • Using fields for dynamic text
      • Dummy fields for static text
    • Shapes
      • Custom Shapes
    • Color
      • Custom Color Palettes
      • Adding borders
    • Size
  • Titles and Captions
    • With static and dynamic text
    • Instead of color legends
  • Cleaning up the view
  • Annotations
  • Leveraging dual axis and dummy fields
    • Custom charts
    • Customized text
  • Reference Lines
  • Duplicating sheets

Part 2: Creating a Dashboard

  • Objects
    • Containers
      • Show/Hide
      • Selecting and formatting
    • Custom images
      • Background
      • Foreground
    • Text
    • Blank Pieces
    • Floating vs Tiled
  • Custom shapes
    • Using PPT
    • Icons
  • Layout Tab
    • Custom Size
    • Borders
    • Background
    • Padding

Part 3: Content Creation Workshop (1/2 day)

  • Bring in own data and big ideas
  • Sketch out ideas
  • Decide what design elements are needed, including outside images/shapes

*For interactivity, add 1 day of instruction.

Duration 1 to 2

Successful completion of an intermediate Tableau course and at least 3 months experience in the tool (including writing calculations) is strongly recommended. This course will go fast.

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