Course Objective

This class is designed for someone who has moderate experience with Tableau and is ready to take basic skills to an advanced level. This class will put more tools in your analytical toolbox, such as more complex calculations, more powerful interactivity, more complex chart types, and more ways to slice and dice your data to mine for critical insights. After this course you should be able to:

  • Create complex calculations and dynamic parameters.
  • Build interactive dashboards for decision-makers connecting the “why” to the “what”.
  • Produce advanced charts for easier comparisons.
  • Apply advanced formatting and data visualization best practices.
  • Slice data into segments using sets and clustering to mine for critical insights.
Course Outline

Calculations and Interactivity (Day 1):

  • Calculated Fields
  • Aggregate Calculations & Ratios
  • Logical Calculations
  • Date Calculations
  • Parameters
  • Using Actions to Create Interactive Dashboards
  • Combining Parameters and Actions: On Demand Charts
  • Advanced Chart Types

Advanced Analytics and Storytelling (Day 2):

  • Advanced Formatting & Dashboard Best Practices
  • Advanced Tooltips
  • Custom Shapes & Custom Color Palettes
  • Advanced Segmentation
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Storypoints
  • To Publish a Workbook to Tableau Server
A Message From the Head Instructors About This Course

Duration 2 to 3

Manual and supporting materials included.


Students in this class should already understand the basics of connecting to data and building charts and dashboards.

Software Requirements

Tableau Desktop, Internet Access

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