Course Objective

This intensive 3-day bootcamp is designed to turbocharge your Tableau skills and take your analytical ability and the insights you provide to the next level.  This assumes you’re already very familiar with the Tableau interface and want to go beyond bar charts and learn a variety of advanced charts, when to use them and how they help you be a better data analyst.  This course will also teach you how to turn your formatting into magazine-quality infographics, as well as quantify impacts. 

After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Go beyond bar charts to provide better insights
  • Understand what keeps the CEO up at night
  • How to ask the right questions  
  • Where to find answers to these questions  
  • What makes a visualization effective  
Course Outline

The Ninja Analyst Framework Advanced Time Series Analytics

  • Line Chart with Avg. Lines  
  • Cycle Plots o Line Chart with Year over Year Growth  
  • Line Chart with Percent Change and Difference  
  • Line Chart with Trend Line  
  • Running Total Charts  
  • Line Chart with Future Projection via Regression  
  • Forecasting  
    • How to use them and when 
    • How to interpret them
    • How to adjust them
    • Regression forecasting
    • Moving Average forecasting
    • Seasonal forecasting 

Advanced Calculations

  • Logic & Date calculations 
  • Level of Detail calculations 


  • Percent of Total and Double Labels 
  • Bar Chart with Max Color Calc
  • Seeing What’s Changed Beyond the Top 10  
  • Adding Ranks as a Dimension  
  • Highlight Tables  
  • Histograms  
  • Pareto Charts  

Correlation Analytics and Relationships Between Data

  • Scatter Plots  
  • Jitter Plots 
  • Quadrant Charts  
  • Actual vs. Budget or Actual vs. Target Bullet graphics  
  • Ratios
  • “Relative To” Charts
  • Linear Regression
    • How to create them  
    • How to interpret them 
    • When to use them  
  • Simple Multiple Linear Regression  
  • Understanding and testing for Statistical Significance with the Student’s T-test or Chi Square 

Outlier Analysis

  • Averages  
  • What’s changed and by how much and how big is the impact 
  •  Standard Deviations  
  • Control Charts 
  • 95th Percentile  
  • Box Plots
  • Sets 
  • Clustering
    • When to use  
    • How to interpret
    • How to adjust


  • Reference Line Comparisons  
  • KPI Indicators with YTD vs. Prev YTD (or similar types of time periods) 

Advanced Geographic Analysis

  • Filled Map 
  • Symbol Map  
  • Dual Axis Map  
  • Custom maps 
  • Custom territories or regions
  • Mapbox
  • Background maps 

Other Advanced Charts

  • Barbell Charts  
  • Funnel Charts  
  • Marginal Histograms
  • Small Multiples 

Advanced Dashboards

  • Layouts  
  • Formatting  
  • Fonts  
  • Colors  
  • Key Insights  
  • Providing Recommendations  
  • Quantifying Insights and Impacts of Recommendations 
  • Adding Concrete Metaphors to Drive Your Message Home  
  • Storypoints 
A Message From the Head Instructors About This Course

Duration 2 to 4

Manual and supporting materials included

  • Three to six months of regular Tableau usage, or completion of Data Crunch Tableau Beginner and Intermediate courses 
  • Familiarity with calculations and a desire to move fast
Software Requirements

Tableau Desktop, Internet Access

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