Data Crunch
podcast and are cosponsoring a data viz competition that looks at Donald Trump’s tweets. If you’re a data delver or if you know people who are data delvers, send this info their way. Winners get to be interviewed about their findings by Data Crunch cohosts Ginette and Curtis on an episode. They also get a swag pack.

So what are the details? is housing Donald Trump’s tweets on its platform. So from there, you can go to the dataset, work with the data, and submit your data viz with explanation to us by 5/5/17. What do we want to know? Anything you find interesting after working with the dataset. So take this dataset, mash it up with other datasets to gather interesting insights from it, and let us know what you find.

These are the basic rules:

Make a claim, and prove it with data.

  • Use the Trump Tweet dataset to answer any of the questions listed below—or an entirely different question of your own choosing.
  • Mix it on with other data sets for further insight as needed.
  • Participate and collaborate with others on
  • Communicate your insights to us via any means (PowerPoint, Tableau, visualizations, written document, etc.).

Here are some prompts that you may or may not need in this Wild-Westish creative project:

  • How does Trump’s tweeting affect the overall media message?
  • Does Donald Trump shape the media?
    • Are Trump’s tweets detrimental or helpful to democracy worldwide?
    • Are Trump’s tweets simply a response to the media?
    • Does he use tweets as a red herring?
    • Are his tweets harmless?
  • Who are his tweets comparable to? A celebrity? A teenager? A specific demographic?
  • How are Trump’s tweets affecting the stock market? (see this planet money episode)
  • Twitter battle: Trump vs. Elon Musk
  • Is this a sign of authoritarianism, as many large news outlets claim?

Maybe you think these prompts are super lame. Touché. Think of something else that blows us out of the water and can do nothing but make us applaud your brilliance. We await it.

If you have any questions about the competition, email, and we’ll answer all your questions.